Brutal CBT Femdom

Cock and Ball Torture

Goddess Lena did not like how insincere this guy was and she had to punish him for it. She felt that in order to address that issue, she had to trample him and she did it by crushing his balls. He was in pain as she did it and he wished he had never messed with her but it was too late. He had to take the punishment and change.

This employee lost a major client and it was out of his nonsense. Mistress Cloe was not going to buy it and she made him promise to get another client within a few weeks. And what he told him was not a request. It was an order. And to make sure he understood her, she crushed his balls with a whip so that he knew she was not joking around.

This mistress has a great bust and she loves to use it to have fun and to tease guys. That is what she did today. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed it. Today, the mistress had to scare this guy who was staring at her boobs in a creepy manner. She used a pair of scissors to scare him as she told him she would cut his nuts off.

Goddess Danja was hit on by her friend's husband and she was shocked to the core. She was close to her friend and she could not imagine cheating on her with her own husband. She had to make sure her friend's husband would never think of such a thing again so she kicked him hard in the nuts. He was in pain but he deserved it for what he had tried to do.

This guy tried to blackmail princess Mini and princess Nikki but he did not go far with it as they cruelly punished him for it. He was forced to kneel down and he was kicked in his balls besides being turned into a human horse and having to carry them all over the place. He learned that he had to stop shaking people down or else things would go badly for him.

Mistress Zephy did not want to deal with this guy because he was uncooperative. She wanted to make sure he learned to cooperate and that is why she chose to dominate him. She used ballbusting to do so and it was cruel as well as painful. It was also humiliating for him but the mistress did not care about any of what he felt as he had to learn.

When this mistress realized that she had been misled by this guy, she knew it was time to punish him and teach him a lesson. So she did it in a way he had never seen it done before. The mistress had to make sure he was in a lot of pain and that he would wince any time he was about to mislead anyone. He never did after what she did to him.

Mistress Missy felt that this guy had to be punished for stealing. But he was lucky that she did not want to report him to the authorities. Instead, she punished him herself. He thought that it was better but it was not really much better as she kicked him in the balls painfully after she had made sure he was naked. He was in a lot of pain and promised never to steal again.

Mistress Nyx was misguided by this guy and she was not happy about it. She had to do something about it and this was done through her brutal cbt femdom. The mistress stripped the guy naked and she forced the poor guy to endure the pain of being crushed and dominated on the nuts. He never thought it would get to that but it had and he had to endure it all.

Mistress Dula had given this guy some duties to perform but he failed in them. She did not want to encourage him to keep failing in his duties and that is why she had to do something she had never done to him. The mistress cruelly punished him in a way she had never done before. He was stripped naked and forced to endure pain as she used heels to crush his nuts.

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